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Elko Family Emergency Shelter

Families with children in need are sheltered at Posada’s Elko Family Emergency Shelter in eleven units. This is Pueblo’s ONLY family shelter that keeps a family together in a single family setting to ensure their privacy as they work collectively with a Posada case worker to work towards permanent housing and self-sufficiency. Families are sheltered at Elko Family Emergency Shelter for up to two months as their basic needs of food, shelter and clothing are met. Families are provided resources, information and referrals to obtain education and/or employment within the community. Families can apply to the Tenant Based Rental Assistance Program if they are able to obtain employment and adhere to the regulations of the program.

Supportive Services

A Posada case worker provides referrals to homeless families with children, youth (18-24),veterans, and aging adults 50+ for shelter, food, and reviews options for low-income housing, identifies community resources and programs to obtain self-sufficiency.

Posada will have case managers available from Monday – Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm by phone or for walk in basis 9:00am to 1:00pm at our main office located at 501 Belmont Avenue, Pueblo CO 81004 by appointment only. Please call 719-545-8776 to make an appointment.

Posada can provide assistance with:

Posada Housing Programs

Rapid Re-Housing Program

The goal of the  Rapid Re-Housing Program is to provide homeless families and individuals with adequate time, case management and support to acquire the personal resources necessary to live independently. Posada can assist with rental, medical, food and transportation expenses for one year. Participants are enrolled in mental health counseling and services, employment training courses, parenting classes, healthy nutrition courses, substance abuse counseling and other programs when necessary to address the underlying issues that lead to homelessness. 

Permanent Supportive Housing Program

Posada’s Permanent Housing Program addresses the need of housing for homeless families with children and individuals. Clients are provided rent and security deposit assistance to secure stable housing.

Affordable Housing 

In 1997, Posada received a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) designation from the City of Pueblo. Through this designation, Posada is capable of implementing strategic housing development plans to assess and address housing needs in Pueblo County. Posada completes its continuum of care by developing affordable low-income housing for the Pueblo community. Families, veterans and individuals are able to achieve final independence from homelessness. Posada has completed 119 new construction and rehabilitation projects in Pueblo since 1997. Posada continues to expand Pueblo’s affordable housing with the introduction of quality housing to support income challenged individuals and families.

Youth Services

Youth Services are located at 501 Belmont Ave, Pueblo, CO  81004   Monday – Friday  from 9am to 1pm. 

Please call 719-994-2939 for assistance

Do you know a youth (18-24 years old) who is:

Email us at posada@posadapueblo.org

Posada Youth Services are focused on developing self-sufficiency skills and working to enable clients to become safely and securely housed. Services include emergency shelter, basic needs support, and case management. Call today for more information! 

We offer a Transitional Housing Program for homeless youth ages 18-24. Please ask us about vacancies and applying for this program if you are interested.

As we grow and serve our community we are always grateful for donated resources, time and effort to support our unhoused young adults.

Moving To Pueblo?

Please read if you are attempting to relocate from outside Pueblo!

Posada has been experiencing unprecedented increases in people in need of services. Many families and individuals are relocating to Pueblo for  the perceived affordability of housing. Families in need are referred when there is space to Posada’s Elko Family Emergency Shelter (an emergency shelter with 11 units.) The demand far exceeds the vacancy rate and families are being housed in local motels for short periods when funding is available.

Public transportation in Pueblo is limited as is employment. Also note that to work directly in the Marijuana Industry there are many provisions. For many jobs you have to have Colorado Residency for up to one year, and pass an extensive background check and drug tests. Marijuana is a legal drug for those over 21 in Colorado, yet it is illegal by Federal Standards and all of Posada’s housing and supportive service programs follow Federal Guidelines. Please note that most local employers for entry level positions conduct drug tests.

The Pueblo Rescue Mission offers a shelter for single individuals on a first-come-first served basis. This shelter is located at 728 W 4th St, Pueblo, CO 81003, and opens from 8am-4pm. Call 719-924-8413 for more information.

With the increasing number of people relocating to Pueblo and accessing Posada for services, resources are stretched thin. Please reconsider moving to Pueblo if you do not have:
*identification documents in hand (ID, SS Card, Birth Certificate, Passport etc…)
*Full time employment
*First and last month’s rent
*Three months of a deposit and
*At least $500 for an electric utility deposit

After Hours Supports

Families with children in need of emergency shelter after Posada’s working hours and on weekends can contact the Pueblo Police Department at 719-553-2502 or stop by the Pueblo Municipal Justice Center at 200 S. Main Street. Families are asked to contact Posada staff on the next business day.

Women in an active domestic violence situation can go to Mariposa located at 801 N. Santa Fe Drive or contact them directly at 719-542-6904.