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Our History

Posada's History

Posada’s evolution over the many years reflects two key trends:

Posada Incorporated

Posada incorporated in February 1987 to address homelessness in Pueblo County, Colorado By April, began providing emergency services in area churches and temporary location; by October, opened a shelter at 112 W. D Street.

Developed Support Services

Continued housing homeless, single men at the D street facility, and developed support services to help clients end the cycle of homelessness.

Off-Site Emergency Shelter

Added off-site emergency shelter for women and families with children in a local motel.

Concentrate Resources On Homeless Families

Reflecting shifts in the homeless population, Posada's board made the decision in October, 1992 to phase out services to single men and concentrate resources on homeless families with children.

Additional Temporary Housing

D St. facility closed; central office for intake and outreach opened. Additional motel rooms for temporary housing secured. Property at 731 E. 4th St. purchased and rehabilitated into transitional housing for families and children. Renovated 12-unit motel at Elko Family Emergency Shelter for families in transitional housing.

Purchased Property

Purchased property at 1008 N. Grand Ave. to provide supportive services and house administrative offices.

10 New Affordable Home

Completed new construction of 10 affordable homes (less than $70,000) around Pueblo.

On-Site Medical Treatment

On-site medical treatment facility operated by Pueblo Community Health Center opened at 1008 N. Grand; rehabbed a home for less than $50,000 and sold it to a family with two disabled members.

Permanent Housing

Converted transitional housing on 4th St. to Single Room Occupancy to provide permanent housing to homeless individuals who are employed or in school.

New Housing Completed

Completed a four-plex for low-income permanent housing on 5th St.

Constructed a 40 unit Low Income Housing

Constructed a 40 unit Low Income Housing Tax Credit Development (LIHTC) to provide affordable housing to low-income individuals and families at 15 Calhoun Road.

Tenant Based Rental Assistance Program

Housing families and individuals in apartments and homes in a Tenant Based Rental Assistance Program (TBRA.) Purchased Monterey Apartments - a 16-unit apartment complex to transition families out of homelessness and into permanent housing.

Community Donation

Put more than half a million dollars back into the local economy through stimulus funds for homeless prevention including rent and utility assistance.

Colorado Ave Property Purchased

Purchased property at 225 Colorado Avenue to provide supportive services and house administrative offices.

Renovated Monterey Apartments

The Monterey Apartments were renovated. New heating and cooling systems, windows, doors, insulation, landscaping, balconies, electrical and plumbing upgrades in addition to a connecting walkway were included in the extensive remodel.

New Property

Posada purchased a new property at 2105 Norman Lane. The property will be used as transitional housing for homeless youth in Pueblo.

Youth Drop-in Center

Posada opened a Youth Drop-in Center at its Supportive Services Center. The center establishes trusting relationships with homeless youth, maintains continuous outreach and work towards creating a comfortable place for youth to receive services and shelter.

Purchased property

Purchased property at 501 Belmont Avenue to utilize as Posada’s central services offices.