If You’re Thinking of Relocating to Pueblo, Please Read

Posada has been experiencing unprecedented increases in people in need of services. Many families and individuals are relocating to Pueblo for legal marijuana, benefit acquisition (as Colorado is a Medicaid Expansion State) and the perceived affordability of housing. Posada like many other local nonprofit agencies cannot keep up with the increase and has had to develop an internal matrix to assist case managers in prioritizing homeless families in need of shelter. The agency works off the basic principle of “Pueblo First, Compassion for All.” Local Pueblo families are referred when there is space to Posada’s Elko Shelter (an emergency shelter with 11 units.) The demand far exceeds the vacancy rate and families are being housed in local motels for short periods of time. Pueblo families are always given priority!
If you are a family who ends up on our doorstep from out of state without support, beside limited case management, a possible night in a motel ( depending on availability) and limited transportation assistance to another community with better prospects, Posada will not be able to assist you in long term shelter, refer you to housing or to local benefits.

Please reconsider moving to Pueblo if you do not have:

*identification documents in hand (ID, SS Card, Birth Certificate, Passport etc…)

*Full time employment

*First and last month’s rent

*Three months of a deposit and

*At least $500 for an electric deposit

Public transportation in Pueblo is limited as is employment. Also note that to work directly in the Marijuana Industry there are many provisions. For many jobs you have to have Colorado Residency for up to one year, and pass an extensive background check and drug tests.
Marijuana is a legal drug for those over 21 in Colorado, yet it is illegal by Federal Standards and all of Posada’s housing and supportive service programs follow Federal Guidelines. Please note that most local employers for entry level positions conduct drug tests.
The agency will serve Pueblo families first and have written policies and procedures in place that denote a preference for local families. With the increasing number of people relocating to Pueblo and accessing Posada for services, resources are stretched thin. Our hope is that this new direction in conjunction with the internal matrix will assist case managers in prioritizing those who qualify for services within the mission of Posada.

All Families with children in need of emergency shelter after Posada’s working hours and on weekends can contact the Pueblo Police Department at719-553-2502 or stop by the Pueblo Municipal Justice Center at 200 S. Main Street. Arrangements have been made with the department to refer families with children to shelter and food vouchers are provided so basic needs are met during night and weekend hours. Families are asked to contact Posada staff on the next business day. Again, Pueblo families will be given preference for shelter and housing services.

Single men and women in need of emergency shelter can go to the Wayside Mission at 728 W. 4th Street or call them at 719-544-4000.
Women in an active domestic violence situation with an intimate partner can go to the YWCA located at 801 N. Santa Fe Drive or contact them directly at 719-542-6904.

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