About Posada

Mission Statement

Posada’s mission is to provide housing and supportive services that empower homeless individuals and families in Pueblo County to become self-supporting members of the community.


Posada's overall goal is for each of its clients to become self-sufficient and able to live independently in the community. The objectives that support this goal are:

Shelter 120 unduplicated families in our emergency shelter program.

House 5 families in Posada's Transitional Housing Project.

House 5 families with disabilities through the Permanent Supportive Housing Project.

Provide rental assistance for 13 families through the Tenant Based Rental Assistance Program.

Provide housing for 16 homeless Veterans at the Monterey Apartments and 16 newly renovated units at Hudson and Fourth Street.

Serve 1,500 unduplicated individuals in Posada's supportive services program.

Maintain 40 units of housing in Posada's Rio Sacramento apartments and 4 additional low-income units.

Serve 100 unaccompanied youth in Pueblo County by providing outreach and supportive services.

Provide medical respite care and emergency shelter and referral for the newly homeless 24-7 in cooperation with the Pueblo Police and Sheriff's Department.

Continue to coordinate Pueblo's Continuum of Care group which meets on a monthly basis.

Organize and sponsor Pueblo's Homeless Memorial (300 people served), Annual Community Picnic and Take Care Fair (1,200 people served), Stuff the Bus (300 Title X children served), Homeless Veteran's STAND DOWN (40
Homeless Veterans) and the Annual Holiday Blessing Store (5,500 children served).

Values & Beliefs

Posada recognizes and works to enhance the inherent dignity and value of each human being.

Posada believes that each human being has a right to decent shelter, food and clothing.

Posada believes that homelessness can be reduced only if underlying causes are addressed, including the lack of affordable housing and the need for a continuum of services to help clients reach the stability needed for independent living.

Posada's priority is to secure the services and housing that its clients need, whether provided by Posada or through the network of agencies available in Pueblo and the surrounding area.

Posada builds and rehabilitates housing for those in the lowest income brackets, housing that does not overlap with what private builders usually supply.

Proud Supporters

Proud Supporters

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Support Services

827 East 4th Street
Pueblo, CO 81001
Phone: (719) 545-8776
Fax: (719) 544-6006

Service Hours
111 North Union Avenue,
Pueblo CO 81003
Mon – Fri from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Youth Drop-in Center
2105 Norman Ln,
Pueblo, CO 81005
Mon - Fri from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.